Virtual Home Inspections And Social Distancing: What You Need To Know

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Virtual Home Inspections And Social Distancing: What You Need To Know

1 December 2020
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Home inspections are an important part of the home buying process. A home inspection identifies any structural, plumbing, electrical, or other repair issues that may need to be addressed in the home. Knowing what these issues are can help you to ensure that you won't be facing a serious repair bill after closing, and it may even help you negotiate a fair price on the sale. Here's a look at what you need to know about virtual home inspections before you buy your next home.

What Is A Virtual Home Inspection?

Traditionally, home inspections are conducted in person, and buyers are encouraged to be present with the inspector so that they hear any observations or comments at the time of the inspection process.

Just as so many other things have gone virtual due to the pandemic, many home inspectors are offering virtual inspections as well. This allows for your home inspection to be completed without increasing exposure risk for COVID-19 or other viruses. 

How Is A Virtual Home Inspection Done?

Each home inspector has their own preferred method for completing a virtual home inspection, but there are three primary approaches to this process. 

Sometimes, inspectors will complete a recorded home inspection. They will go to the house by themselves so that there's no contact risk. The home inspector will then record the entire process from start to finish before sending the video to the prospective buyer along with a summary report and conclusions.

In other cases, the inspector may offer to do a live virtual inspection, broadcasting the entire inspection on a video conference so that the prospective buyer can be present on the video in real-time. This may be beneficial if you want to be able to interact with the inspector and ask questions.

In cases where going into the home is deemed unsafe, the inspector may conduct a virtual inspection by observing the exterior of the home in person, and then researching all of the available public documents regarding repairs, permits, and any other history. 

Which Virtual Home Inspection Is Best?

The best virtual home inspection option will depend on your personal needs from the inspection. Think about the experience you're looking for. If this is the first time you've ever had a home inspection done, you may want to work with an inspector who will do a live stream of the inspection so that you can be present on video. This allows you to ask questions about anything you may see or be uncertain of. 

If you are more concerned about the details of the inspection than your ability to be present, look for a home inspector who will record the process on video and send it to you after the fact. Otherwise, if the inspection process is really a formality from your perspective, working with an inspector who will pull the historical records and permits plus observe the exterior may be all that you need.

Talk with a home inspector near you today to see what virtual inspection options they may offer.