How A Public Adjuster Can Help You After A Fire Causes Some Damage To Your Home

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How A Public Adjuster Can Help You After A Fire Causes Some Damage To Your Home

21 May 2020
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Was your home involved in a fire on the block? The fire may have initially started in a neighbor's house but spread over to your property, causing some damage. Paying out of pocket to cover all the repairs would likely put a considerable strain on your finances. If you have insurance for your home, meet with a public adjuster. The public adjuster will complete a walkthrough of the house, make a list of the damages, and then help you get money from your insurance company to cover all the required repairs.

Is a Public Adjuster Needed?

It is common for homeowners to think they do not need a public adjuster to get involved. They might just expect to tell the insurance company what happened and then receive some money to fix everything. However, insurance companies are often a bit of a challenge to work with, and sometimes they do not offer as much as they should. Getting a public adjuster involved could potentially help you increase the compensation offer from the insurance company. Getting the most money as possible is crucial because you need to have enough funds to cover all the work that you need to have done to your home.

What You Can Look Forward to From Your Public Adjuster

After hiring a public adjuster to work with you, it is normal to have the adjuster come out to the home. The great thing about getting an adjuster to help you is that the adjuster may recognize signs of damages that are not always instantly noticeable. Adjusters are good at what they do and can quickly spot problems caused by different disasters, including fires. The fire and smoke might have caused structural damage that your public adjuster will notice and include in your claim with the insurance company. The public adjuster may also complete the following tasks:

  • Making a list of all damages
  • Calculating the total cost of repairs and renovations to restore the home
  • Speaking with the insurance company on your behalf
  • Completing negotiations to get an ideal settlement for you

When fire damage occurs, you may rely on your homeowner's insurance to come through for you. If you feel stressed about handling the situation yourself and you do not want to get shortchanged by the insurance company, find a public adjuster who can help. Your public adjuster can determine how much damage you have in the home and how much you should receive from your insurance company to cover expenses related to the renovations.

Reach out to a public adjuster in your area for more information.