5 Reasons A Country Club Is The Perfect Getaway In 2020

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5 Reasons A Country Club Is The Perfect Getaway In 2020

24 April 2020
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As more Americans experience looser restrictions from the initial coronavirus outbreaks and find a 'new normal' for 2020, they will be looking for a different way to enjoy their time. One of the best choices you can make as you head into a volatile year is a membership at your local country club. Why? Here are five ways the golf club can become your haven during the pandemic.

1. It's the Beautiful Outdoors

Most people have now experienced an indoor spring, and they may have to spend more periods under stay-at-home orders as well. One key ingredient of happiness and health that people are missing is the great outdoors. With lush greenery, beautiful flowers, water features, and wide-open spaces, a golf course is the perfect antidote to indoor blues.

2. Golf Can Be Socially Distant

Golf is a great sport for the pandemic era. You can be with your friends — enjoying friendly competition, getting exercise, and sharing drinks or snacks — without coming into constant bodily contact as most other group sports do. Golf can be easily adjusted to social-distancing requirements while still carrying nearly all of its natural fun.

3. The Club Isn't Crowded

Unlike public parks, hiking trails, or entertainment events, the country club isn't overcrowded or unhygienic. Clubs have limited memberships and can easily control how many people are in any given place at a time. They might even be one of the safest ways to entertain yourself for many months.

4. It Provides Varied Entertainment

Modern country clubs offer a variety of reasons to hang out. Along with the biggest activity — hitting the links alone or with others — you can simply take walks to enjoy the scenery, you can use the health facilities, you can enjoy a great meal, you can have a drink, or you can lounge around shooting the breeze with your neighbors. It's a one-stop fit for exercise, mental stimulation, social interaction, and relaxation.

5. You Support the Community

Country clubs employ a variety of local staff and vendors. With many small, local businesses already suffering from the looming recession, your membership is a steady source of income for everyone. You'll feel good, and you are generally keeping your dollars local.

Which of these benefits appeals most to you in 2020 or 2021? Whatever your needs and interests — from getting exercise to maintaining socially-distance friendships — a membership in your local golf club can help fill them. Learn more by contacting a country club membership in your area today.