Tips For Maintaining Your Rv Park Paving Surfaces

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Tips For Maintaining Your Rv Park Paving Surfaces

30 June 2019
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Traveling across the country in an RV is a way that many Americans spend their free time, and staying in a well-maintained RV park can be a highlight of their trip. So, as an RV park owner, in addition to providing travelers with great services and amenities, it is essential that you keep up the condition of your park. Your travelers don't want to have to drive over pothole-filled roads and damage their expensive rigs to get in and out of the park and to and from their campsite. Here are some paving recommendations for you to put into place around your RV park's roadways and parking areas to keep the park looking great and maintained well for all the RV traffic it will see.

Pave With Asphalt

The main roadways of your RV park, such as the entrance and some of the main roads to your more popular sites should be paved with a surface that is durable for its needs. Asphalt paved roads through your RV park will give your guests a smooth surface to drive their rig upon, but won't require you to install any additional features, such as curbing. Your asphalt roads can connect right up to each campsite pad, whether it is made of concrete or gravel and connected to a grassy spot.

Asphalt paving is less expensive than pouring concrete throughout the park but is a permanent pavement that remains flexible all year- through freezing and hot temperatures. As soon as cracks and unraveling begin to occur over your asphalt paving areas, make sure you repair them by filling the cracks or patching the unraveling to prevent pothole formation. You can hire a professional asphalt crew to come into your park and maintain by filling cracks each fall or spring to keep it from deteriorating and keep up your park's image.

Use Gravel

Gravel is also another important paving material that will benefit you as an RV park owner. The more popular parking pad campsites that offer electrical, water, and a sewer connection should have asphalt paving access because they will have more traffic and need more strength. But camping sites that only provide water and electrical will be used but not as frequently, so they can have gravel paving access. 

Gravel paving is a durable material but will need some regular upkeep. When traffic rolls over gravel it can move the gravel around and create bare spots where the dirt beneath becomes exposed. Be sure to repair these patches with additional gravel, as needed and with regular smoothing away any tire ruts created by your guests' rigs.