Why You Should Focus On Anti-Icing Before A Winter Storm Hits Your Horse Stable

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Why You Should Focus On Anti-Icing Before A Winter Storm Hits Your Horse Stable

18 May 2019
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Operating a horse stable comes with its challenges, particularly when the weather does not cooperate. For example, if the weather forecast says that there is going to be winter weather in your area soon, then you might be concerned about how it's going to affect your facility and the horses that are kept there. Of course, winter weather can cause a lot of problems. Taking steps like anti-icing before the storm comes can help a lot for these reasons.

Prevent People and Horses from Slipping

First of all, if walkways and other areas on your property are slippery, then there is the chance that someone could get hurt. You might have people who come to your stable regularly because they board their horses there or because they take riding lessons there. You definitely do not want any of these individuals to slip and get hurt; along with dealing with pain and discomfort, they might not be able to ride horses for a while afterward. Plus, your barn could be at risk of a lawsuit.

It's not just people that you have to worry about, either. If a horse slips and falls on the ice, then it could be seriously injured. This could lead to expensive vet bills and other problems.

Make Getting Chores Done Easier

Getting barn chores done at your horse facility can be difficult enough as it is. If there is snow and ice everywhere then it can be that much harder for you to feed the horses, clean their stalls, exercise the horses and get everything else done. Anti-icing will help you make sure that your facility grounds aren't covered in snow and ice when it's time for you to do your daily barn chores.

Keep Your Stable Looking Nice

Maintaining a nice-looking and clean facility is probably very important to you. This makes a difference in how your facility is perceived by the public and can affect your stable's good name. Simple things like taking anti-icing steps before a winter storm can help you make sure that your property always looks neat and tidy, even when bad weather is affecting your area. This can help you maintain the reputation and appearance that you want for your barn.

If a winter storm is slated to affect the area where your horse stable is located, then it might not be a bad idea to contact a snow and ice removal service like Seattle Snow to ask about anti-icing for the reasons above.