Worried Disaster Will Strike? What You Can Do To Prepare

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Worried Disaster Will Strike? What You Can Do To Prepare

3 October 2018
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It is understandable if you find yourself worrying at times about potential disasters affecting your home and family. Whether you are worried about natural disasters like severe blizzards or earthquakes or you are worried about nuclear war or a viral outbreak, an issue at the heart of your fears and worries is that you may end up facing these disasters unprepared to handle the situation. However, there are steps that you can take to get yourself and your family prepared for any disaster that you may face in the future. Learn some of these steps. Then, you can start your prepping as soon as possible. 

Have a Family Rendezvous Point

You never know where you and your family members will be when a disaster strikes. As such, you will want to set up a family rendezvous point. Your home would be an obvious choice, but what if your home is damaged or destroyed? Or you can't get to your home for some reason? Having another agreed upon meeting place can help to gather your family together if and when something serious happens in your area. This is especially important as disasters can wipe out cell phone towers, making texting or calling one another impossible.

Choose a place that is easy to recognize and find for all members of your family. For example, a favorite restaurant that you go to often could be one option. Your children's school could be another. You want a place that every member of your family knows how to get to. That way, nobody gets lost en route. 

Get Custom Individual Emergency Preparedness Kits

In order to be properly ready for any disaster that may strike, you will also want to have each member of your family set up with a custom individual emergency preparedness kit. These emergency preparedness kits will contain everything a person needs to survive in an emergency for several days. The best kits offer up to 72 or more hours worth of supplies. 

Choose an emergency preparedness kit for each family member that contains the standard supplies that will be needed. Each should have a first aid kit, food and water, water purification tablets, and shelter and warmth gear like thermal blankets and even a small tent. If your family members require prescription medications, the kits should also be stocked with those items specific to each individual (though do not let those medications get more than one year old). 

You can even have an emergency kit for supplies for your pet if you have a dog or cat. Have each family member keep their emergency preparedness in a place that is easy for them to get to. You may also want to get extra kits in case you are not home at the time of a disaster. This can include small portable kits for everyone to keep in their cars or for your children to carry in their backpacks. 

Now that you know some of the ways that you can prepare for a possible disaster, you can begin taking steps to protect your family no matter what happens in the future.