4 Tips For Hiring A Software Engineer

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4 Tips For Hiring A Software Engineer

29 March 2018
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Software engineers are in high demand when compared to other roles, and that demand is only expected to grow. This makes hiring software engineers especially challenging because any qualified candidates have many job options to choose from. When hiring a new software engineer for your company, follow these tips:

Hone in on Engineer Resume Boards

Listing your open position and then receiving thousands of resumes, many of them from candidates who do not have the qualifications you need, is a very inefficient way to hire an engineer. A better approach is to make use of engineer resume sites where you can screen resumes posted by candidates who meet your requirements.

Most sites that allow you to search specifically for software engineer resumes have keyword scanning ability, so you can quickly narrow down your search. Best of all, since the candidates have voluntarily posted their resumes, you know they are actively looking for a new position.

Think Long-Term

In order to capture the attention of a software engineer with many job options, it's important to think long-term. Instead of just focusing on the immediate software needs of your company, share your long-term vision with your top candidates. How will the position be able to grow in the future, and how much freedom will they have to create new and innovative software solutions? If a candidate knows they will be challenged instead of bored, they will likely find your company more appealing than the competition. 

Offer Unique Benefits

You may not be in a position to offer a bigger salary than major tech companies, but many of today's candidates are interested in alternative benefits beyond their basic salary and health insurance package. For software engineers, the ability to work remotely or have a flexible schedule may be especially appealing. A matching retirement account, free investment counseling, and options for subsidized continuing education are additional benefits to consider offering in-demand candidates.

Consider Consulting as an Alternative Option

In some situations, the expense and time involved in recruiting a new software engineer may not be worth the return on investment. For example, if you have a short-term software development project planned for the next business quarter, but don't know if you will have any software projects planned after that, it may not make sense to hire a full-time employee. In these situations, using an engineering consulting company makes sense because you only pay for the software help you need as a short-term commitment. 

Following these tips will help you snag the perfect software engineer for your company and ensure that the new hire is a good fit.