Organize, Pack, And Transport Materials Needed For Your Advertising Company's Central Office

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Organize, Pack, And Transport Materials Needed For Your Advertising Company's Central Office

19 November 2017
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If your advertising business is expanding and you have decided to open a central office in a neighboring city to assist with handling sales representatives' and clients' needs and to promote products that are currently being offered, preparing for the move ahead of time and packing materials that will be transported will assist with transitioning into the new location. Use the following organization, packing, and transportation tips to assist with opening the new office.

Sort And Label Equipment And Supplies

At the end of work shits, take the time to sort and label equipment that will be moved to the new facility. If your current business is stocked with a variety of equipment and supplies, assign some of your staff members to assist with the project. If you would like to minimize confusion during the sorting process, request that each worker organize their personal workspace.

If several staff members are going to remain in the original facility after the new office has opened, ask employees to place possessions inside of drawers or bins that are clearly marked with their names so that materials are not accidentally transported to the new office. 

Pack Materials In Airtight Containers And Use Cushioning For Fragile Items

Pack advertising materials and promotional products inside of airtight containers so that moistue does not come into contact with any of the items. If fragile items are being moved to the new office and you are worried about them breaking while in transit, secure several layers of bubblewrap around the items before setting the wrapped items inside of storage bins.

Furnishings or shelving units that are being transported can be disassembled right before you are ready to move into the new facility. If you are hiring a professional moving company, request assistance with moving items outdoors and securing them in a moving vehicle. 

Make Arrangements To Have Items Transported

Plan to have items moved several days before you will be opening the new office so that you will have plenty of time to unload equipment and supplies and move everything into the new facility. Make plans to have someone wait at the new office so that they can greet the moving crew when they arrive and direct them to a location where items should be dropped off.

If you and some of your crew members will be driving to the new office, set aside a block of time to set up equipment and materials inside of the new office so that you and your staff members will be be well-prepared on the day that the office is due to open. 

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