3 Tips For Decluttering

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3 Tips For Decluttering

19 November 2017
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Decluttering your home is something you can do at any time. No need to wait for spring cleaning to come around. You can clean your rooms, get rid of some extra junk, and free up some much needed space around your home. You won't feel like a hoarder if your things are clean and organized. It can be overwhelming trying to figure out where to start when it comes to decluttering your home. This article explains 3 helpful tips that can definitely help you trim the fat when it comes to clutter in your home.

Do You Need It?

Decluttering is really only going to be effective if you actually get rid of some things. Whether you are just throwing stuff away, selling it online, or donating it to charity, you won't make any progress if you are just moving things around without getting rid of anything. When you go through your stuff, you will probably find things you didn't even remember that you had. 9 out of 10 times, these are going to be things that you can (and should) get rid of right away. For instance, if you forgot that you had a pair of inline skate from 1999, you can probably send them to the donation. Or, if you come across some old magazines that you forgot about, you probably don't need them. The best part of decluttering is that, in the process, you will come across things that you actually do need, and have been looking for. You might even get lucky and find some valuables that you can sell for some extra cash.

Categorize and Use Technology

No matter how well you organize your stuff and put it in space-efficient boxes, it won't be very helpful if you don't know what is in that box, and where it is located. Don't simply plan on remembering. Write it down. Categorize your stuff. For instance, put all your Christmas decoration in one corner. Label your boxes. And, don't be afraid to use your smart phone to take more detailed notes of what is in each box.

Using Boxes

Plastic storage bins are convenient and they keep your things clean and free of dust. However, they aren't always the most space efficient, particularly when it comes to storing smaller boxes. Most cardboard boxes and packages are have square corners. So, when you try to store these things in plastic bins (most of which have rounded edges and angled sides) you end up wasting a lot of space. This is why, in addition to your plastic bins, you should use some larger cardboard boxes to store small boxes more efficiently.

These easy tips will help you to declutter you home. Contact a company, like Organizing Express, for more help.