Concession Trailers: Know What You Need

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Concession Trailers: Know What You Need

22 August 2017
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One of the disadvantages of a normal concession stand is that it is much more difficult to move the stand from one location to another. It is often cheaper to leave the concession stand in one location and if it does need to be moved, the stand must be disassembled and then reassembled somewhere else. However, a trailer allows for everything you need to be moved from location to location, offering you an edge over your competitor.

The best type of concession trailer is one that is tailored to the specific goals of your business. If your concession trailer is not the right size and does not have the right amenities, you will find it more difficult to cook up a nice meal. While you could purchase a used concession trailer, there will then be no guarantee that your concession trailer will have all of the features that you need. 

Color Matters

Think about the type of color you would like your concession trailer to have. The color of your trailer will set the tone for the event you are catering. The type of trailer you choose will also play a role in your brand recognition. If your company is associated with a specific color, you will cause your company to be moved to the front of your customer's mind.

Communicate Your Intent To The Vendor

The best way to have a concession trailer custom-made is to talk with a vendor about the specific services you intend to offer. For instance, you may wish to create a mobile bar. You may need a trailer for deserts. You may intend to serve a barbecue. Whatever you are aiming at, it will be necessary to own the trailer and equipment that would be best-suited for this task. 

Have The Right Equipment

Consider how you will be serving your food. Most often, the food is served through a large window. Or, you could bring the food out to customers depending on the nature of the events you will be serving. Then, consider the type of vending equipment you will need. Most likely, you will need refrigeration or even a freezer. If you are serving drinks, you may only need an ice maker. Determine what fuel source will be used for cooking, if you intend to cook at all. You may even wish to set up tables and chairs and include a Wi-Fi signal for customers.

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