Treat Yourself To A High-End Gun Safe That Offers These Attributes

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Treat Yourself To A High-End Gun Safe That Offers These Attributes

13 July 2017
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When you make a significant investment in a selection of firearms, it's only logical to also invest in a quality gun safe. While doing so is also about security, you want a safe that will protect your weapons in the years and decades ahead. Whether you shop online or at a local sporting goods retailer, there are several criteria to consider before you make your final decision about which safe to buy. If you're willing to spend a little more for a higher-end product, here are some attributes that you'll likely find appealing.


Humid air can be detrimental to the health of your guns. Moisture in the air can potentially lead to rusting, while it may even cause the wooden stocks of your firearms to expand, warp, and otherwise become damaged. Some higher-end gun safes are equipped with dehumidifiers. This feature will allow you to decide exactly what level of humidity you wish to maintain inside the safe, and the on-board dehumidifier will draw out any excessive moisture. The dehumidifier feature is especially valuable if you live in a muggy climate, as you'll fill the safe with humid air each time you open it.

Biometric Lock

Gun safes can be equipped with several types of locks, but the higher-end products that you'll find for sale at many retailers can offer one type of lock that's fancier than all of the rest. Biometric locks are activated with your fingerprint, which means that you'll input your fingerprint into the lock when you first buy the gun safe, and then hold that same finger over a sensor each time that you wish to open the safe. Many biometric locks don't strictly rely on the fingerprint — while holding your finger in places, you'll also need to input a security code on a keypad before the safe door will unlock.

Tamper Alert System

As a responsible gun owner, you always want to know whether someone has attempted to gain access to your firearms by trying to open the safe. Higher-end gun safes are often equipped with a tamper alert system; this system will let you know whether someone has unsuccessfully tried to open the safe by inputting the wrong code. This information is not only valuable in the aftermath of someone breaking into your home, but can also be useful if you have children who may have attempted to get one of your weapons without your knowledge.