Keeping Pertinent Information In Case Your Child Goes Missing

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Keeping Pertinent Information In Case Your Child Goes Missing

10 July 2017
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If you have a child, you undoubtedly have concerns regarding their well-being. Taking steps to prepare for the possibility of your child running off or becoming separated from you is necessary to increase the chance of finding them promptly. Here are some tips you can use to give your child the best possible chance in being located should they become lost.

Keep Identifying Information In A Safe Location

It is a good idea to have inked fingerprints saved to help in identifying your child should they become lost. If a child is found without an escort in the area where you had last seen your child, or if a good deal of time passes since your child become lost, these will be useful in getting a positive identification of your son or daughter. A strand or two of hair should also be kept with these fingerprints as they contain DNA which would provide a definitive identification if necessary. Place your child's fingerprint card and hair in a plastic bag and store it in a safe in case you need to provide authorities with this information.

There are ink fingerprinting services that can help you get proper and quality fingerprints for any number of reasons.

Increase The Chance Of Clothing Being Remembered

Before you head out of your house with your child, make it a priority to acknowledge the outfit your child is wearing. Ask your child to stand in front of you and look at them for a moment. Ask your child to do the same. Ask your child to close their eyes and explain to you what pieces of clothing you are wearing. This will help them to remember the colors and styles of clothing you have on so if they become separated from you, they may be able to locate you as a result. Do the same procedure in guessing your child's clothing. This easy game will make it easier to pass along clothing information to a police officer or people helping you search for your child should you become separated.

Take Photographs Often And Keep Them Within Reach

Make it a habit to take frequent photographs of your child. This can be done at the start of each day to help you remember their clothing choices if desired. Taking pictures of your child with your cell phone is best as you can keep current images with you at all times. These can easily be forwarded to a police station if necessary so they can share the images with others in an attempt to locate your child quickly.