Five Reasons Why You Should Have A Third Party Handle Your Equipment Maintenance

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Five Reasons Why You Should Have A Third Party Handle Your Equipment Maintenance

29 June 2017
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Businesses typically have to make the decision between having a manufacturer or a third party handle their equipment maintenance needs. 

Some business owners tend to operate under the assumption that the manufacturer can provide the best maintenance on the equipment it sells. However, it might be advantageous to opt for third party equipment maintenance services for the following five reasons:

Being able to go to one company for all of your equipment maintenance needs

It's quite likely that you have a wide variety of different equipment pieces at your facility, all produced by different manufacturers.

If you opt for manufacturer maintenance, you're going to have to schedule maintenance on your equipment with many different companies. On the other hand, you can get all of your maintenance from the same service provider if you opt for a third party maintenance solution.

Getting maintenance provided by a company with maintenance expertise

A manufacturer has expertise in producing equipment, but not necessarily in providing maintenance for that equipment.

With a third party maintenance provider, you'll enjoy services from a company that focuses entirely on servicing equipment rather than manufacturing equipment. This way, you'll get higher quality maintenance and take advantage of services that are focused on providing maintenance conveniently, quickly, and efficiently. 

Not having to buy equipment directly from the manufacturer

If you want to use manufacturer maintenance services, you may have to buy equipment directly from the manufacturer. This can be inconvenient for a variety of reasons. 

Equipment bought directly from the manufacturer may be more expensive. Also, you may only be able to buy the newest equipment from the manufacturer where you might prefer older and more familiar models. 

Having a maintenance service provider with more parts available

Third party service providers are often able to source parts from numerous suppliers. On the other hand, a manufacturer is typically limited to only its own inventory for parts supplies. 

With a third party supplier, you may find that repairs are performed more quickly because you don't have to spend as much time waiting for products that are on back order or out of stock.

Taking advantage of well informed and unbiased advice for meeting your equipment needs

Maintenance providers working for a manufacturer are no doubt going to give you opinions that are biased toward that particular manufacturer's products.

A third party maintenance provider will give you a more objective view on what equipment you should purchase to meet your needs.

Third party providers are also advantageous because they are not out to promote sales. They'll be willing to point out which equipment pieces are necessities and which you don't really need for your particular application.