Remote Support And Ticket Management For Offices

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Remote Support And Ticket Management For Offices

22 June 2017
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Not all businesses need a full Information Technology (IT) staff on their payroll. If your business isn't directly involved in creating technology, researching the deeper arts and science of programming, or using entirely custom computers and operating systems, online office services can fit your needs out of the box. Before overpaying on personnel or struggling to find contracts for long-distance visits, consider a few ways that online office automation can help.

Send Your Support Needs To The Cloud

How do businesses report problems with their IT infrastructure? They call the IT department's help desk team! Help desk is a vital part of keeping technology in peak condition, but many tasks are so simple and monotonous for even entry-level technicians that they may as well be automated.

Password reset requests, new user creation, and requesting new software are all fairly simple tasks that can bog down a business' ticket request system. These tasks can either be fully automated, or at the very least part of an automated request process.

Requesting software is a lengthy process in itself. A lot of time is wasted as employees look for IT personnel, send emails, or visit in person for a software request. The conversations aren't always streamlined, often going through different ideas and tangents that may not pin down the actual software need. While conversation is important, many situations can still be solved much faster by filling out a form with the software name, version, and reason for installation.

Instead, these requests can be handled by a third party team that manages basic needs from an automation and support software suite. You can speak with these professionals directly and build rapport as business partners to ensure that their team can be trusted, and every task can be handled across the internet. Your business and their support module become integrated without making major changes to your business.

How Does Automation Work?

Automated processes can still generate tickets, so if you want every action cataloged for research purposes, you still have that power. Automation simply reduces the need to act on simple tasks that can be handled with a few clicks of a button.

To understand automation, you must understand a technician's job. Although it's not all sitting at a chair, clicking a few buttons, and typing a few commands, there are some simple tasks that can be moved out of the way.

Consider password changes from the previous section. When a password needs to be reset, a system administrator simple needs to go to the appropriate tool. In Windows-based networks, this usually means Active Directory's Users and Computers section. The admin simply clicks on the user, then either resets the password or manually sets the password to something simple that needs to be changed on next login.

Those are easy clicks. Automation can copy those clicks when an employee requests it. Of course, security procedures need to be put in place to stop any random person from resetting other people's passwords. This usually means authenticating a person's phone number or requiring a more simple pin number. You can also disable this function for the most important accounts.

Contact an online office services professional to discuss other ways to automate your business.