JAVA: The Caffeinated Programmer's Training Guide To Accelerated Completion

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JAVA: The Caffeinated Programmer's Training Guide To Accelerated Completion

17 June 2017
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Java is a specific programming code that is a basic requirement for anyone wanting to go into a technology-focused career. In matters of difficulty, it runs in the middle between learning C++ and SQL. If you are trying to "caffeinate" your career by learning another programming language, you should consider Java, as it is the second most-sought-after programming language in business and tech careers. It is also a good place to start if you are daunted by the more difficult nuances of SQL. Here are some important tips on where to get your Java training on an accelerated time table.

Java IS NOT Javascript

Beginning programmers often confuse these two because of the word "java" in their titles. However, they are quite different languages onto themselves. Make sure that whatever training you sign up for, you have signed up for just Java, not Javascript, or you will be learning something you did not intend to learn.

Night School

Tech schools offer Java courses at night for busy programmers like yourself. It usually costs a few hundred dollars, but some schools may charge less. You could also get the course paid for if your employer is the type that likes you to keep learning and advancing in your career. Check with your HR person to see if passing a credible course means you will be reimbursed for it.

Online and at Your Own Pace

Want to learn Java even faster than going to night school? Online Java training courses allow you to learn at your own pace. In that case, you could have the course completed in a week or two if you have nothing better to do with your nights and weekends.

Three-Day Accelerated Course

You could also sign up for a three-day accelerated course that starts on a Friday morning, goes twelve hours a day, and completes on a Sunday afternoon. There are many programmers who teach this accelerated course and use a tech school computer lab to do it. Space in these courses is extremely limited. It is also not the best way to learn Java if you cannot readily absorb a ton of information in a very short time. It is often an option used by those who already know Java but need a serious refresher course they can complete before going back to work on Monday morning. Still, you might glean some very useful information on this crash course method.

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