Three Employee Awards And Gifts To Consider For Your Staff

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Three Employee Awards And Gifts To Consider For Your Staff

5 June 2017
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When it comes to making your employees feel appreciated in the workplace, handing out awards and gifts when they are deserved can go a long way. Instead of using certificates to reward the top performers every quarter, consider these employee awards and gifts to make a meaningful connection with your staff and make everyone feel like part of the team.

New Hire Gifts

One way to make employees feel appreciated from day one is to offer gifts to all of your new hires. These gifts could be as simple as a thank-you note and a gift card to a local restaurant, or you might consider creating a welcome gift bag. The gift bag can be filled with a few office essentials, such as a mug, pen, and t-shirt, all with the company name on them. Brainstorm with your department managers to select the right new hire gifts for your incoming employees.

Client Recognition Awards

Consider asking your clients or customers to submit the names of the employees who provide outstanding service, and use these entries to select recipients for client recognition awards. These awards can be given out monthly or quarterly, and if someone goes out of their way to make customers and clients happy throughout the year, consider giving out a large award around the holidays to recognize the extra hard work. A plaque or trophy makes a great gift for this type of award, but consider supplementing it with a small cash bonus or gift card to provide extra motivation for your staff.

Most Improved Numbers Award

Sometimes it's important to recognize those who turn their departments around, even if the numbers aren't as great as they could be. For example, if your loss prevention department showed significant amounts of theft or loss last year, but the numbers are trending much better this year, take time to recognize the effort with an award. This could be a plaque given to the whole department to hang proudly on the wall, or it could mean individual certificates you pass out to each employee. Consider treating the entire staff to lunch to celebrate any department's notable improvements, and have the lunch served in the department so every one can congratulate those who have been putting in so much hard work.

Employees can be awarded for so many things, from perfect attendance to outstanding service. Determine which aspects of employee performance are important to you, and look for ways to recognize those aspects with fun and memorable awards, such as from Trophy Awards.