Why Self-Printed Paper Badges For Anime Conventions Don't Cut It Anymore

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Why Self-Printed Paper Badges For Anime Conventions Don't Cut It Anymore

31 May 2017
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Anime conventions are more popular than ever, but they've changed a lot since their inception. With extreme popularity comes a need for security and safety for attendees, and that means that the paper badges that are often distributed to attendees by conventions that have only been around for a few years just don't cut it. Here are three big reasons why if your anime convention is still using paper self-printed badges you need to upgrade.

Easily Copied

Badges that are printed on-site on paper don't offer much in the way of security. If your convention is using paper badges, it's extremely easy for an attendee to take their badge and have it photocopied, allowing access to an untold number of people who then won't have to pay for a badge. If your convention has only been around for a few years or less, earning as much as possible in entry fees is a necessity in order to continue being able to afford the cost of facilities. Unfortunately, since paper printed badges lack any security measures like holographic anti-copying safeguards, chances are this has already happened at your convention.

Easily Fabricated

In addition to copying badges, it's easy to make new badges from scratch once the basic design is uploaded on the internet. With a copy of a photo editing program and a little graphic design skill, anyone can make badges with unique names that aren't as easily caught by security. Once again, this cuts into your revenue, and can potentially make your facility filled beyond capacity even if you normally have a cut-off limit where you stop selling badges.

To make matters worse, whether pirates are walking around with copied or fabricated badges, you could have dangerous individuals in your convention center. Without their address or identification information on file, it could be extremely difficult to track them down should they commit a crime against someone who legitimately paid for their badge.

Printing Badges Takes Time

Lastly, printing badges at a convention center can create a bottleneck in registration lines. While it's efficient for very small conventions, once you begin to reach a thousand or more attendees, having to print badges on-demand can cause a serious delay. Matters only grow worse if your printing equipment breaks down or you have a major power outage, like the one that struck FanimeCon. This can lead to unhappy attendees who may walk out instead of buying a badge, or encourage others to commit piracy to avoid overly long lines.

In order to safeguard the future of your convention and to keep your attendees safe, upgrading your badges to professional badges should be one of the first things you do. Hiring a badge production company means that your badges will be laminated or made out of plastic, cutting down on piracy. They'll also contain anti-piracy measures like barcodes that you can scan to verify that the badge is legitimate when attendees enter. Lastly, it will prevent bottlenecks by allowing all of your pre-registered attendees to be able to breeze through registration since their badges will already be ready and waiting for them.

You can't afford to use paper badges for one more year considering the risks. Contact a professional badge company today to begin the process of developing your badges for your upcoming anime convention.