Three Steps To Prepare Your Driveway For Pressure Washing

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Three Steps To Prepare Your Driveway For Pressure Washing

30 May 2017
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Pressure washing your driveway is an excellent way to remove accumulated grease and grime. If you've never pressure washed your home, or business property before, it's a good idea to leave it to the professionals. The high pressure of the water can kick up debris like rocks and broken glass and send it hurling in the air at high speed. This can cause injury and other unintended consequences, such as car dents. Whether you're doing it yourself, or having a professional pressure wash your driveway, preparation is key to a smooth cleaning job. Here are three steps to take to prepare for a pressure wash. 

Protect Doors and Walls 

One of the biggest risks of pressure washing is damage to the exterior of your property. For example, a wood door can become damaged, or paint can get chipped from flying debris. Survey the area that you plan to have pressure washed and cover vulnerable doors and exterior walls. All you'll need to do this is some plastic sheeting and a bit of painters tape. Make sure to seal all of the corners with tape so that your exterior is protected.

Prep Surface with Degreaser

To make pressure washing easier and to get a more desirable result, it helps to pre-treat the surface to be pressure washed with a degreaser. Doing so will help lift some of the difficult to remove grime and make it easier for the pressure washer to clean dirt away. Your local home improvement store will have a number of degreaser options. They come in various strengths, with maximum strength recommended for the most stubborn grime. Go with maximum strength if you are removing years of grime from your driveway. Make sure to the follow the manufacturer's instructions. Degreaser need time to set, typically 10 to 15 minutes. 

Prepare Pressure Washer

If you're hiring a professional, you can stop here as your property is now ready for pressure washing. If you're doing the job yourself, prepare your pressure washer by attaching the hose and placing the detergent in the siphon tube. When you start the pressure washer the tube will bring the detergent into the spray wand and it will be mixed with the water stream. Be sure to wear safety gloves to protect your hands. Now you're ready to begin pressure washing. When doing so, keep a consistent distance of at least 10 inches from concrete and work your way back and forth in a smooth manner.

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